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Can't Afford Your Deductible?


NO DUK offers Deductible Protection Plans that are designed to pay your deductible directly to you.

When you submit an insurance approved claim for your NO DUK Protection Plan, you will receive payment within 3-5 Business Days, or for a small fee even same-day, and we will make the payment directly to YOU!

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money that a policyholder must pay the insurance provider, out of pocket, before they start to pay for any covered losses. 

Our Services

We offer many services in different areas.

If you are tired of paying upfront, high-cost insurance deductibles, look no further than NO DUK!

Our unique solution offers many options, in different areas, tailored to help you with your unique insurance deductible needs.

Features & Benefits

Say Goodbye to Expensive Out-of-Pocket Costs

Say Hello to NO DUK!

  • Low Monthly Payments

    NO DUK removes the worry of having to pay a high-cost insurance deductible and replaces it with one low monthly payment, giving you the peace of mind you need to get your approved claim covered by your insurance.

  • Easy Enrollment

    NO DUK offers an enrollment process that is straightforward and user-friendly. Through our online platform or with the assistance of our dedicated agents, you can complete your enrollment in just a few easy steps.

  • Multiple Plans

    NO DUK offers deductible coverage for Auto, Home, Commercial Properties and Devices so you can be worry-free no matter where you're at!

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Simple Tools to manage your account on the go!

NO DUK Mobile allows you to submit claims, manage policies and check status on claims.

Convenient Mobile App available on both Android and Apple OS.

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