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Cell phones nowadays are costing $1000 or more depending on the model. They have amazing smart features that help make our lives a lot easier. It is like having a small computer at your fingertips and in your pocket! Having to replace or repair the device would add a financial burden to your life. Let’s face it! Much of the population relies on their cell phones for everything. Phone insurance can help protect your device and ensure the functionality of your device. Phone insurance is especially helpful when using a phone for your business. It is also helpful when you need to help protect, replace, or repair the phone/s. Phone insurance is more promising than just a standard limited warranty. Phone insurance is designed to help protect your device from water damage, or possible theft. Deductibles are those out-of-pocket expenses for repairs or replacement that your premium won’t cover. Your deductible could many times equal the amount you have paid for your phone.

 Most people want to just stick to the warranty as their phone coverage, but the warranty is limited and usually for a limited time only. The warranty for your phone will only cover costs in relation to malfunctions that were caused by the manufacturer. The insurance facilitates more protection for the consumer by offering coverage for loss, theft, damage, etc.

Insurance for your phone is approximately anywhere from $14-$20 a month. Deductibles for replacements can usually range in claims anywhere from $19-$300 or more depending on which device, and other factors.

Here is where we step in! For as little as $2 a month you can completely eliminate your deductible! Yet another WIN WIN!!

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