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Commercial Properties:

Examples of commercial properties we can be of service to include and are not limited to: Condo associations, Offices, Malls, Retail stores, restaurants, habitational properties, etc.

Commercial insurance can protect you from losses that can be experienced by businesses such as theft, worker injury, property damage, business interruption, liability, etc.

Some examples of insurance that can help your business’ can include however not limited to the following: General Liability, Property, Business Interruption, Workers Compensation, EPLI, Cyber Liability, management liability, Errors and Omission (E&O), Crime Coverage insurances etc.

The deductibles for these insurance companies serve you greatly. One of the main things that insurance deductibles for commercial properties that can be helpful is how it can make your insurance deductible plans more affordable. Your premiums will lower overall if you decide to take the risk of acquiring a high deductible policy. With insurance deductibles for businesses in commercial settings there are a few to pick from depending on the type of commercial business you own or manage. The following are some examples:

  • Flat deductibles: Most insurance companies provide a flat or straight deductible. When you choose a flat deductible, you choose a specific dollar amount to cover a loss or repairs.
  • Percentage deductible: When you choose a percentage insurance deductible, you pay a percentage of the limit or the value of the damaged property. Normally this type of deductible is used in cases where there has been damage done by hurricanes, earthquakes, or similar catastrophic natural disaster circumstances.
  • Aggregate deductibles: These insurance deductibles will be more specific to paying out of pocket within a particular timeframe. This time frame usually refers to the policy year. This type of deductible usually applies in product liability insurance policy or insurance policies that may result in a large number of claims during a specified time period.
  • A franchise deductible will refer to more of the minimum loss that has to occur before insurance applies. This kind of insurance deductible is subject to the policy limit and is applied after the amount of the loss is paid.

With our help you can now say no to low deductibles and high insurance costs. Now you can have the value of a high deductible, great annual savings, and minimize your overall costs! This immediately puts more money in your pocket for yourself or to better your business!! It’s a WIN WIN!  

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Commercial Trucks/ Vehicles:

You can expect to pay on average $3000 for a commercial vehicle insurance down payment. There are factors that can alter the cost. These factors include but are not limited to the following examples:

 1.) The type of truck

 2.) The loads and or goods the truck may carry

 3.) The risks

 4.) The number of years of experience the driver has

 5.) If the driver has been involved in any accidents, etc…

Drivers with multiple accidents on their record have higher deductibles due to them being a high risk to the insurance companies. Deductibles can vary from $500-$5000 and are always paid first in an event of a claim. If you prefer not to pay a high deductible, you can pay a higher premium.

The deductible for an insurance claim for a commercial vehicle is your responsibility. No commercial insurance policy will pay your full percentage of damage. In an unfortunate event you will have to pay the deductible that goes towards covering the damages first. The insurance policy will cover the remainder of the claim damage cost.

Deductibles payments will be applied when you make claims on your collision coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), Uninsured or Underinsured coverage, Comprehensive coverage, Or GAP coverage. Liability claims usually however do not require deductibles.

It is always good to keep in mind how deductibles work. In a nutshell if your damage costs fall below the cost of your deductible, for example: the damages are only $400 but your deductible agreed upon is $1000, you still must pay the $1000 regardless. If you do not pay the full deductible your insurance company won’t pay the remainder. What?! We know… we know… That’s just too much!

Your commercial insurance deductible will generally be very similar to a personal policy. These limits are standard across the board. Here at NO DUK we want to eliminate this extra headache for you by providing you with outstanding savings! We are the only company worldwide taking insurance deductibles by storm and expanding your pockets! We understand that having a deductible will lower your insurance premiums. We encourage you to have a deductible in your insurance policy, in order to save you extra money a month on your insurance premium. We also want to encourage you to ask your auto insurance agent which deductible limit is best for you. We want to remind you to allow us to bridge the gaps and add even more benefits to you and provide you with the utmost savings!!

For as little as $15 a month NO DUK will eliminate your deductible altogether. It’s a no brainer!

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