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We are currently very short of cash, but we had to contact a repair service to repair the roof damage caused by the heavy thunderstorm. Our deductible is $ 1,000, and we know we can’t pay now, but we can’t wait for the limit. What if we can’t afford to pay our home insurance deductible?

We are sorry for the roof damage and your financial pain. The situation can be devastating, but don’t panic. Just because you can’t afford the home insurance deductible doesn’t mean you can’t claim it anyway.
The amount deducted from your insurance check when a specific claim occurs is called insurance deductible. You may hear the phrase “after the deduction is paid” when the coverage begins. You don’t “pay” the deductible to the insurance company. Instead, you’ll usually pay for the repairs (or medical bills for health insurance) in a deductible amount before the insurance pays the rest.
The deductible amount you pay from your pocket when making a claim. The deductible amount is usually specific, but it can also be a percentage of the policy’s total compensation amount. For example, if you have a $ 1,000 deduction and a car accident, repairing your car will cost you $ 4,000.
The simplest way to determine if a high-deduction plan or a low-deduction plan makes sense is to consider your health.

If you are young and healthy, you need more than preventative care, in which case a high deductible plan may be a great option. On the other hand, if you are older, have long-term health problems, are pregnant or plan to have a baby, play high-risk sports or activities, or need an expensive prescription, the lower deductible is more attractive due to health problems. It also helps you save money and evaluate your budget. If necessary, consider how easy it is to meet a higher deductible. If you can use HSA with a high deduction plan as employee benefits, ask yourself how much you can pay each year.

(Note: Like other tax incentive accounts, HSA has an annual contribution limit of $ 3,600 for self-insurers and $ 7,200 for family insurers in 2021. Consider how much you can pay with a monthly premium for a low deductible plan. Weigh it against the value of getting medical care without giving a significant deduction when you need it.
Buying insurance means you are protected from unforeseen risks that can lead to loss and damage and dent your finances. It reassures you that you have something you can count on. The insurance company will cover any losses that could have an economic impact, but they will ask you how much risk you can take with your money. It’s like making a deal-as long as you agree to pay the risk you’re willing to take, you’re protected, which is called an insurance deductible. The insurance deductible is up to you. In general, opting for a larger deductible reduces the risk to the insurance company. That decreases the cost of the policy. There is also a minimal deductible. The insurance company will offer a minimum deductible when you agree to pay a portion of your claim. If you need to save money with insurance, you can increase your deductible. However, it cannot be lower than the insurance company says.
Customers can sign up on our website. We will confirm that customers have insurance policies. Once confirmed, No Duk offers to pay your deductible when your insurance company has a legitimate claim where coverage is triggered and a deductible is paid by the insured.
Traditional Options require customers to pay in full their deductible before the insurance provider activates coverage, which may cause a financial burden. No Duk allow the No Duk customer to pay a fraction of their insurance company deductible and trigger coverage with their insurance provider.
No, our service is available to for Auto and Home owners, who have an insurance policy with a deductible.
Florida Hurricaine deductible amounts are required to be paid in full. Natural weather events where percentage deductible amounts are required to be paid in full.We work with our Auto and Home owners to determine a monthly payment amount that fits their budget and schedule.
No, there are no additional costs for using our service.
We take the security and privacy of our customer information very seriously and use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect it.
High Deductible - ie Hurricaine, require paid in full annually
We work with ALL insurance companies. As a matter of fact, we don't work with any insurance companies since No Duk isn't insurance.
Customers can log into their account on our website to check their balance and payment status.
Currently, our service is available in most states.
We work with the customer to establish a payment schedule that works for them and will remind them of upcoming payments. If a payment is missed or late, we will contact the customer to discuss a solution.
No we do not offer promotions or discounts. We are already have very affordable pricing relative to the cost of their deductibles.
We are currently adding these features as well as including merchant fees.
Yes, please call - 1-855-6638599
Tech Support is available 8 am to 7pm EST"
"Yes, please call - 1-855-6638599
Tech Support is available 8 am to 7pm EST"
No No DuK doesn’t replace your warranty on your car. No DUK covers your deductible only.
If you have a lost or stolen device, you may have to buy a new one. We payout your deductible after your insurance carrier approves your claim.
You have to be enrolled for at least 2 months or 60 days before filing a claim with No DuK.
No. There is no limit. Once your insurance carrier has approved your claim, a claim can be filed with No DuK for the deductible coverage.
It can take up to 3-5 days to receive a reimbursement for your deductible.

Instant Pay would require a 19.99 processing fee.
Phones/ Devices has 2 claims per year and a 60-day wait.

Auto Coverage 1 claim per 12 months 60-day wait.

Homeowner 1 claim per 12 months. 90-day wait.

Commercial 1 claim per 12 months 90 days wait
Make sure to contact your agent and update your deductible cover with us too.
As long as the person has the liability insurance they will cover the damage cost.

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No Duk is here to assist you with any questions that you may have, please feel out the form below. 

No Duk is here to assist you with any questions that you may have, please feel out the form below. 
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